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Predictive modeling classification and segmentation

Once the relevant data is collected and behavioral patterns are identified, the data is cleaned and transformed to ensure greater accuracy and consistency in its interpretation.
We then implement a predictive model to forecast future customer behavior, analyzing historical patterns to make accurate predictions.
And finally, we classify and segment the data to group them into different categories according to their behavioral patterns, allowing us to better understand customer needs.

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Text, language and vision analysis

With natural language processing (NLP) we process and analyze human language in text. We also make use of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms such as text classification, feature extraction, sentiment analysis and topic detection, among others. To analyze images and videos we use deep learning. Making use of multi-layered artificial neural networks to analyze and extract different features from images and videos. We also use the convolutional neural network (CNN) for object detection and classification, facial and emotion recognition, among others. To analyze language we use NLP and conversational artificial intelligence. The latter focuses on the design and development of systems that can hold natural language conversations with people.


We help companies implement and scale machine learning models effectively and efficiently. Our services include automating model building and training, integrating models with enterprise systems, monitoring and evaluating models in production, and implementing model updates and enhancements in an agile and efficient manner.

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