Discover the power of your data

We take care of your data; we deliver relevant information in an accurate, simple, secure, reliable and fully automated way. So you can focus on your business, innovate and make good decisions guided by data... So easy it will seem like magic!

Select what you want to know about your data

You will be able to answer: What happened, why it happened, what and when it will happen, and how to make it happen.

Securely integrate and analyse your data

Don’t worry about infrastructure, artificial intelligence models or data experts, we take care of it.

Deploy models in your business operation

The models that we generate are integrated into the operation of your business or applications in a transparent way for you.

Clearly visualize results and make decisions

We generate interactive visual experiences that improve the communication of your decisions.

Acerca de nosotros


Nuestra pasión es acelerar la transformación de la realidad de organizaciones con alto potencial de crecimiento apoderándolas con soluciones sorprendentes, que a partir del manejo de datos, superan las expectativas de sus mercados y socios.

Acerca de nosotros


En 2023 BitBang se destaca en Latam por el gran impacto que genera al entregar valor y transformar realidades a partir del análisis preciso de fenómenos naturales y humanos.

Acerca de nosotros


Impactamos la industria con nuestras soluciones, gracias a la confianza en nuestro equipo humano, que de manera impecable utiliza tecnologías de vanguardia para comprender y transformar realidades un bit a la vez.

Acerca de nosotros


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Those who are already transforming the reality of their business with us:


Companies with areas of digital transformation or innovation

Companies looking to renew in their service or processes that support the operation of their business.


Integrators of technological solutions

Technology companies looking to strengthen their solutions or projects and deliver added value to their customers.


High-performance startups

Companies that want to implement innovations in their digital products to be more competitive and differentiate themselves in the market.

Dream big. We will make it technologically possible

What can I use Datany for?

Understand the potential of your data and make the most of it.

Datany will take care of your data, delivering relevant information in a simple, secure, reliable and fully automated way; allowing you to focus on your business, innovate and make good data-driven decisions so easy it will seem like magic.

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Companies with our solutions claim that they achieved:

Marketing Managers
Increase revenue from your digital channels relative to your traditional channels.
Operations Managers
Generate savings by optimizing your processes.
CTO and Product Owners
Increase the completion rate of your sprints by 10%.
Innovation Managers
Rapidly reduce uncertainty in innovation projects, completed in record time and maintaining the desired profitability metrics.

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Impacted Sectors

They trust us

We help understand the power of data and to monetize them, maximizing the return expected from the
investment in data analytics initiatives.