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We provide flexibility and scalability to the organization’s current technological solutions. Our approach towards optimizing technological platforms is holistic, encompassing the analysis of the existing technological infrastructure, implementation of personalized solutions and continuous management of the technological environment. This comprehensive approach aims to save costs and enhance the efficiency of business processes.


Deployment of cloud technologies

At TBBC, we provide cloud technology implementation services with leading platforms such as Google Cloud and AWS. We offer a wide range of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, and remote accessibility to applications and enterprise services. We work closely with companies throughout the process to understand their needs and ensure the proper optimization of platforms tailored to their objectives.

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Microservices-based architectures

We break down an application into small, independent components called microservices. Each microservice focuses on a specific task and can be developed, implemented, and scaled independently. This allows organizations to update and add new features to their applications more quickly and efficiently, as each microservice can be modified without affecting the rest of the application.

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DevOps Solutions

DevOps solutions are a set of practices and tools that combine software development and system operations into a single value chain. Our main goal is to automate the software delivery process, reducing development times and increasing efficiency in system operations.

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Use of container technologies

We aim to improve the efficiency and portability of enterprise applications, while reducing infrastructure costs and speeding up development and deployment processes. With container technologies, we package and distribute applications in isolated environments. Containers allow for more efficient and consistent distribution of applications across different environments, from development to production. Containers have a lighter and less complex infrastructure than traditional virtual machines, making them faster to execute and using fewer system resources. Additionally, there is a more seamless collaboration between development and operations teams, as each container is independent and can be managed separately.

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Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) technologies

Improve software quality, reduce development time, minimize errors, and improve collaboration between development and operations teams!

We automate the process of building, testing, and deploying applications.

Continuous Integration (CI) focuses on integrating changes and enhancements to the code on an ongoing basis. Continuous Delivery (CD) focuses on the automated implementation of these enhancements in a production environment, reducing errors and accelerating time to market. CI/CD improves software quality, reduces development time, minimizes errors, and improves collaboration between development and operations teams.

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Optimization of Technnical Platforms

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