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Our focus is on strong and long-lasting relationships, based on trust, effective communication, and collaborative work.

We are passionate about solving complex and challenging problems with simple, functional, and useful technological solutions.

Digitization of
Business Processes

  • We help companies to provide a quality service to their end users, reducing the percentage of errors involved in business processes.
    According to a study conducted by Gartner, companies that have embraced digitalization have experienced a 20% increase in revenue and a 10% decrease in costs!
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Technological platforms optimization

  • We help companies to
    potentiate their
    technological platforms, minimizing failures,
    recurring crashes and continuous
    maintenance to increase
    end user satisfaction
    According to a Gartner study, organizations that optimize their technology platforms can save up to 30% in IT costs!
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AI & Data analytics

  • We help companies
    to understand and take advantage of the potential
    of their data, reducing costs,
    encouraging savings and generating
    new sources of income.
    According to Forrester, AI can help companies improve customer satisfaction by up to 20%!

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We will make it technologically possible

Why choose our business lines and services?

At TBBC, we materialize the vision of business leaders through the construction of software and data development solutions.

Focusing on:

Maximizing the productivity and well-being of your employees and transforming your products and services into engaging and memorable digital experiences for your customers/end users.

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Dream big. We will make it technologically possible.

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