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Our Company

At TBBC, we build strong and lasting relationships based on trust, assertive communication, and collaborative work. We work as a team, driven by the passion to create impactful solutions for the world. Guided by empathy and an innovative mindset, we continuously learn to strengthen our competitiveness. We strive to exceed all expectations and make a significant impact that contributes to creating a better present for everyone./b
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Our History

Starts in 2014...


We were born in 2014, in Popayán (Cauca), with the dream of making an impact on our region and promoting the growth of its talent.


ISO 15504

We are the first company in Colombia to be certified in ISO 15504 (Quality of the software development process).

Data analytics

We transform the future of companies from their data.



Dream big. We will make it technologically possible.

About Company


At TBBC, we are committed to driving the success of our clients by delivering transformative, high-quality, and timely technological solutions. We also strive to promote the development, diversity, and inclusion of Latin American IT talent worldwide.

About Company


At TBBC, we envision ourselves as global leaders in the development of technological solutions. We are recognized for the quality of our work, the impact we generate in transforming our clients' businesses, the passion with which we approach each project, and especially for our commitment to the development, diversity, and inclusion of IT professionals' talent.

About Company


We impact the industry with our solutions, thanks to the confidence in our team, who flawlessly use cutting-edge technologies to understand and transform realities one bit at a time.

About Company

Core Values

  • Teamwork: supporting each other to go further
  • Love for what we do: We are passionate about creating solutions that make an impact
  • Growth: Our challenge is to win and evolve with our customers.
  • Agility: We pride ourselves on being professional and efficient in every engagement.
  • Empathy: Understanding the customer and our partners focuses us on what is important.
  • Innovation: We enjoy applying new knowledge to be more competitive.
  • Quality: We meet customer expectations and seek to go beyond them.
  • Impact: Our technology helps create a new world
  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Purpose

  • Values

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Reason for choosing us

Control of results

We sign a service level agreement (SLA) outlining the expected timescales, deliverables, quality requirements and risk management responsibilities related to the project.

Effective communication scheme

Selection of appropriate profiles for the development requirements and establishment of clear communication flows about the different aspects of the project.

Ensuring the safety of outsourcing

We sign an NDA to guarantee the confidentiality of your business information and intellectual property rights over the project deliverables.

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